É trabalho de escola
por Heryck
10 questões
1. Check the alternative that has a suffix:
a A) antagonist
b B) archbishop
c C) epidermis
d D) adorable
2. Check the alternative that has a prefix:
a A) fastest
b B) useful
c C) semiprofesional
d D) biggest
3. What are affixes?
a Its a particle added to the root of a word to modify its Idea or meaning
b Is divided in three groups
c Not part of the grammar
d It is fixed place of establishment
4. What are the two groups in wich affixes?
a Regular and irregular
b Oxytone and paroxytone
c Suffix and prefix
d Direct and indirect
5. What is suffix?
a Can come before and after
b A particle thats comes before the radical
c A food
d A particle thats comes after the radical
6. What is prefix?
a A market
b A particle that comes after the radical
c It's a part of the math
d A particle that comes before the radical
7. What do the prefixes have in commun with the sufixes?
a It's a word to modify it's Idea or meaning
b Are verbs
c Both do not change the meaning of the word
d They are not particles
8. Wich words have suffix?
a Homeless and unbelivable
b Fearless and musical
c Underground and reviews
d Action and icapable
9. Wich words have a prefix?
a Famous and Ex- president
b Build and banana
c Impossible and Careful
d Dislike and disappeared
10. Check the alternative that has a suffix:
a A) semifinalist
b B) realign
c Review
d D) underdressed